ASA 3D Printing Filament - 1kg x 1.75mm

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3D META’s ASA 3D printing filament is produced with high quality, acrylonitrile styrene acrylate (ASA) engineering plastic. Our ASA filament is tough, has high impact resistance is temperature and weather resistant and has antistatic properties. Our ASA filament is suitable for most 3D printers.

Key Features:

  • Manufactured with high quality materials.
  • Strong with high impact resistance.
  • Temperature and weather resistant.
  • Antistatic properties
  • Exceptional bed and layer adhesion.
  • Manufactured under strict QA procedures.
  • Consistent and reliable filament.

ASA Printing Parameters:

Nozzle Temperature

240℃ - 260℃

Bed Temperature

100℃ - 120℃

Print Surface

Most print surfaces ie. Glass, Meta Flex etc

Model Cooling Fan

0% - 50%


0.12mm - 0.3mm

Printing Speed

40mm/s - 60mm/s

Idle Speed

60mm/s - 120mm/s

Retraction Distance

1mm - 3mm

Retraction Speed

30mm/s - 50mm/s

Supporting Materials

Itself, HIPS

ASA Technical Specifications:

Physical Properties



ISO 1183

1.08g/cm3 - 1.09g/cm3

MFR (250℃/2.16Kg)

ISO 1133

20g/10min - 25g/10min

Moisture Absorption (23℃/24h)

ISO 62


Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength

ISO 527

42Mpa - 45Mpa

Elongation at Break

ISO 527

9% - 12%

Flexural Modulus

ISO 527

1200Mpa - 1400Mpa

Flexural Strength


75Mpa - 79Mpa

Impact Strength


19 KJ/m2 – 20KJ/m2

Thermodynamic Properties

HDT@ 0.455MPa (66 psi)



Weights and Dimensions

Spool Dimensions

Outside Diameter: 200mm

Width: 65mm

Internal Hub Diameter: 52mm

Spool Weight (without filament)


Spool Weight (with filament)


Package Dimensions (LxWxH)

210mm x 210mm x 75mm

Package Weight



Due to its overall strength and high impact resistance, temperature and weather resistance and antistatic properties, ASA can be used for a range of engineering applications. It’s most commonly used for prototyping or function parts that require high strength, impact resistance, or need to withstand certain temperature and weather conditions.

Storage and Drying:

To prevent moisture absorption, it is recommended to keep your filament in a cool, dark, dry area, preferable sealed in an airtight bag.

Filament can be dried with various methods including a dedicated filament drying machine, food dehydrator, oven, or even your printer if it’s fully enclosed. For ABS and ABS+ filaments we recommend a drying temperature of 80℃ for a minimum of 5 hours.

Why choose 3D META 3D printing filaments?

High quality materials – All 3D META filaments are made for high quality materials.

Strict manufacturing procedures and QA standards – All 3D META filaments are produced, checked, and tested to the highest standards. Ensuring filament is consistent and reliable roll after roll.

Tried and tested – All 3D META filaments are tried and tested inhouse before release, giving you the confidence that new filament we release or a filament you haven’t tried before will work as it should.

Committed to growth – At 3D META we are committed to growing and expanding our range of filaments, be it with new materials or exciting new colours, we are always listening to our customers and trying new combinations.

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