3D META was born from a passion for 3D printing, a hobby that turn into an addiction that then became a business. I still remember the excitement when I received my first Ender 3, quickly unpacking it and starting my first test print. While that first test print failed miserably, I knew I had found a hobby I was really going to enjoy. Family and friends were soon bombarded with models, the Ender 3 was constantly being upgraded and I was addicted. 

Fast forward to the middle of 2021 and 3D META was conceived. Created to help other enthusiasts with their 3D printing journey by giving them a one stop shop for all of their 3D printing needs, be it their first, second or tenth 3D printer. A place where customer service is the top priority and questions are encouraged and technical help is always available.

Our 3D META filament took a lot of work to design, working tirelessly with our manufacturer to come up with a high-quality filament that we can offer at a competitive price that rivals the market leaders. Thankfully that work is paying off, with our filament being incredibly well received from first time printers to professional 3D printing businesses and everyone in between. We believe it's our passion and understanding of what makers want that has helped us to offer a product that has such great printability and just as important is reliably and consistent.  

Our commitment to our customers has always been one of offering great customer service and the continued growth of our product range. Be it new colours or materials for of 3D META filament, new 3D printer brands, new and innovative upgrades or products that complement the range. We will continue to strive to be your go to 3D printing store.     

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