Water Washable 3D Printing Resin

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Colour: Beige
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Compatible with most resin printers, 3D META’s water washable resin range is the high quality, low odour, fast curing, easy printing resin you’ve been looking for.

Key Features:

Low Odour – No strong, nasty chemical smells filling your print room.

Wide Compatibility – Suitable for most resin printers available on the market.

Fast Curing – Decreases print times, increases productivity with no effect on print quality.

Low Shrinkage – Improves print accuracy.

Wide range of applications – Can be used for figurines, prototyping, functional parts etc.

Easy Cleaning - Washing the model with water after printer rather the IPA (isopropyl alcohol) make the cleaning step a breeze.

 Technical Data:

Physical Properties

Testing Standard

Water Washable Resin

Density (g/ml)

ISO 1183


Viscosity (cps, 25℃)

Rotameter Viscometer


Molding Shrinkage (%)

ISO 294


Mechanical Properties



Tensile Strength (MPa)

ISO 527

30-35 MPa

Elongation at Break (%) ISO 527 6-9%

Flexural Modulus (MPa)

ISO 178

2100-2200 MPa

Flexural Strength (MPa)

ISO 178

55-65 MPa

Hardness (After curing) (D) ISO 868 84D
 Recommended Print Settings:

Resin Type

Water Washable Resin

Curing Wavelength (nm)

355 - 410nm (405nm recommended)

Layer Thickness (mm)


Exposure Time (s)


Light Turn Off Time (s)


Bottom Layer Exposure Time (s)


Bottom Layer Quantity

4-6 layers

Anti-Aliasing Level


Z-Axis Lifting Distance (mm)


Z-Axis Lifting Speed (mm/s)


Z-Axis Retraction Speed (mm/s)


*Print settings may require some adjusting for specific machines.


Directions: Shake well before use, always use gloves and mask when handling. Before pouring into vat inspect FEP sheet for any dents, deep scratches or holes and that the FEP sheet is clear (transparent), clean, and free of any debris. Do NOT fill vat past max fill line. After printing strain remaining resin back into bottle and tighten lid. Store in a cool, dry place until next use, avoid direct sunlight.


Post Processing: Once printed, models need to be washed with water to remove excess resin and dried with a lint-free cloth, paper towel or compressed air. Once dried, model needs to be cured under a 405nm UV light for 1-5 minutes depending on size and rinsed off with water. Beware: overcuring can cause yellowing, brittleness and cracking.


Safety Information: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND ANIMALS. Avoid skin or eye contact, inhalation or ingestion. Resin not suitable as a food and drink container or for use in aquariums. Please refer to products MSDS for safety information, available below at info@3dmeta.com.au

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